9 Signs of Low Testosterone that Men Should Know

Signs of low testosterone

Testosterone is a very important hormone for men. This hormone is not only needed by the reproductive organs, but also by various organs that make up the body.

In general, testosterone levels will decrease with age. In some conditions, levels of this hormone can decrease more quickly, so that a man can lack testosterone even at a young age.

At what age will testosterone levels in men begin to decline?

Male testosterone is produced by the gonad glands in the testicles. This gland will produce sex hormones and will experience its peak when a man enters the late teenage phase or is around 18 years old. Furthermore, testosterone will continue to influence physical changes and increase men’s libido until they enter early adulthood.

After the age of 30, men generally experience a periodic decrease in levels of this sex hormone. The decrease in hormones associated with increasing age should not cause physical changes or a significant decrease in libido.

But if this happens, there may be a number of other things that cause low testosterone levels, such as testicular injury, chemotherapy radiation, pituitary gland disease, or side effects of using certain drugs.

The cause of this condition is also generally related to hormonal disorders, namely hypogonadism. According to the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research, this disorder refers to a condition where the body is unable to produce enough testosterone.

What are the signs if a man’s testosterone levels are too low?

Hormone levels that decrease prematurely can have a big impact on men’s health and sexual life. The following are some signs that men generally experience when their body lacks testosterone.

1. Low sex drive

Testosterone has a major role in regulating sex drive or libido in humans, apart from other hormonal factors and changes in a person’s mood. Low sex drive due to male hormone levels being too low, characterized by rare spontaneous erections, including erections during sleep at night and erections in the morning.

2. Difficulty maintaining an erection

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a common problem that occurs when a man’s body does not produce enough testosterone. Low hormone levels are not enough to stimulate the brain to produce molecules that trigger and maintain an erection.

However, erectile dysfunction can also be influenced by other health problems that men experience, including chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

3. Decreased sperm volume

Semen is the fluid that comes out with sperm cells when a man ejaculates. This fluid plays a role in helping sperm swim to fertilize the egg during sexual intercourse.

The more testosterone levels a man has, the more semen they can produce. That is why testosterone levels are too low, you can tell from how much seminal fluid is produced when a man ejaculates.

4. Get tired easily

Testosterone also plays an important role in producing and regulating the body’s energy. Characteristics of men who lack this hormone can be characterized by excessive weakness and decreased energy than usual. This can happen even though you have had sufficient sleep at night. Apart from that, another characteristic is a lack of motivation to do physical activity.

5. Hair loss

Stimulating hair growth is one of the roles of the testosterone hormone. Baldness of scalp hair does not always mean low testosterone in men, because this condition is also a natural symptom of aging.

However, if hair loss also affects hair on parts of the body other than the head, for example facial hair, armpits or legs, this could be a strong sign of low or decreasing male hormone levels.

6. Increased body fat

Increased body fat

Signs of increased body fat usually include rapid weight gain and fat accumulation around the stomach. Men who have testosterone levels that are too low may also notice an increase in fat in the chest area which causes breast enlargement (gynecomastia).

7. Loss of muscle mass

Testosterone plays an important role in stimulating muscle growth and density. Symptoms of loss of muscle mass due to testosterone levels that are too low are usually characterized by the circumference of the upper arms and legs becoming smaller.

In addition, the ability to lift weights is also reduced. This can especially be seen if men regularly lift weights to build arm and leg muscles. Without sufficient hormone levels, of course the process of building muscle again will become more difficult even after exercising.

8. Decreased bone density

The formation of new bone cells in men requires sufficient levels of the hormone testosterone. So, when a man has low testosterone levels, their bone layers become thinner which can trigger osteoporosis or brittle bones.

A man who experiences a decrease in hormone levels as an adult will have lower bone density, so he is more at risk of breaking bones when he enters old age.

9. Mood disorders

Testosterone is also an important hormone that influences the brain to regulate a person’s emotions, mood and mental capacity. However, various mood disorders that men experience can also occur due to disturbances in testosterone levels.

The accumulation of these symptoms will make a man uncomfortable with his condition. Low levels of this hormone can make men feel less energetic, making them vulnerable to depression, irritability and lack of focus.

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These are some of the conditions that men need to know about when experiencing a decrease in the hormone low testosterone. To maintain or increase low testosterone again, from now on you must live a healthy lifestyle.

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