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Testosterone is generally synonymous with men because it is known as the libido hormone, changes in secondary sex characteristics in men, and changes in muscle mass.
However, that does not mean that the testosterone hormone is only owned by men, women also have testosterone which is needed during menstruation and pregnancy.
Let’s find out some of the functions of the testosterone hormone and the side effects of low testosterone levels in the body that you can know through the discussion below.

What is the Testosterone Hormone?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced by the testes in males and the ovaries in females.
Generally, the hormone testosterone is known as the male hormone because of its function and amount is greater than in women.
In addition, testosterone is known as a sex hormone in males and is an anabolic steroid.

Testosterone Functions

Testosterone has a number of vital functions for the male body. Here are the various functions of the testosterone hormone that you need to know, including:

Affecting Sexual Drive
During puberty, increased levels of the hormone testosterone in the male body will encourage the growth of the penis, testes, pubic hair, and changes in the vocal cords.
Along with the various changes that start from puberty, the sex drive will also increase.
In addition, sexual stimulation and activity can increase testosterone levels.

Bone and Muscle Building
Bone and muscle formation in men cannot be separated from the function of the hormone testosterone, this refers to a statement in a Journal of Osteoporosis that testosterone is able to promote growth muscle tissue, on the other hand if the level of the hormone testosterone in the body is low then a person will be prone to fractures and bone damage.

Producing Red Blood Cells
The function of testosterone is no less important is to trigger the bone marrow to produce red blood cells, and has a positive effect on the heart.
According to research from Harvard School, a person who is deficient in testosterone will experience problems with a lack of red blood cells and infertility because this hormone helps the male sperm maturation process.

Shaper One’s Behavior
The function of the testosterone hormone that you need to know next is as a shaper of a person’s behavior.
This is because testosterone is connected to the nervous system to send messages from the brain through the bloodstream. Someone who lacks testosterone levels is believed to lose confidence, tend to be sad and find it difficult to concentrate.

Side Effects of Testosterone Deficiency

Balanced testosterone levels can support a number of important functions in the male body. However, if a man has low testosterone levels, this can cause a number of side effects, including:

Less Muscular
Low testosterone levels can cause a man’s body to be less muscular, increase the amount of fat, make muscles and bones weak. This of course will reduce the masculine side of men. In addition, men with low testosterone will easily feel tired due to lack of energy.

Side effects due to low testosterone in the male body is irritability or emotion. From the various emotions that arise, men often feel depressed, lose self-confidence, and are motivated to live their lives.

Decreased sex drive
The low testosterone hormone in the male body can cause decreased sex drive because the sperm maturation process is also hampered. This is the side effect most feared by men because it will reduce sexual satisfaction, infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

Sleep Disorder
Sleep disturbance is a side effect of low testosterone that most interferes with daily activities because they often experience insomnia or have changes in sleep patterns. As a result, they often feel sleepy throughout the day and cannot do activities properly.

Testosterone is a hormone that is identical to that of men because the levels are more than women. Testosterone in males is produced by the testes while in females it is produced by the ovaries. Testosterone production by the testes functions in the process of sperm maturation, increases sex drive and a variety of other important functions.

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